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A lot of Blah Blah& Blah

Not that any of you know my life story… But wow, does it  always constantly roller coaster? I dont even know if im spelling decent right now… Judge me later, please! I was on the news today at one of my three jobs. How exciting? Not really. It was a bit exciting, (for a great cause, but sad story) but I’d rather stay unknown. I have 345 other subjects going through my head right now. I’m tired.. Or maybe just sad and annoyed. Happy too..shit! What do i know? I found that ALL when I took a much needed adventure and completely changed my life… So little detail and story here in this blog, I know. Eventually, it all will be told… If i ever work up the courage… Lions, tiger’s& bears… OH MY!!!! Sorry its been awhile… I’m only human, or so I hope.. More to come soon! Good night..

Relationship Part 1: A REALLY Real Best Friend

Its been a hard quest coming across a special individial to be a best friend. And for a relationship.. I mean a true best friend. 

Lets face it, we’ve all had more best friends then we want to admit that have evaporated into mid air over some bullshit that doesn’t make sense; however, for me there is one in particular that has always truly been real regardless of the shit we have both been through. 

Sometimes I wonder how we’ve kept such a strong connection throughout the years, even the few times we haven’t been necessarily the closest because of the curve balls life has thrown our way. 

She is smart, silly, happy, a loving person that wouldn’t hurt a fly even if its been buzzing in her ear for a unwanted amount of time. Me.. Ya, I’d smack a fly within a ten minute period if it was flying in the house, and minding its own business. 

She’s stubborn, yet kind about it, i’m stubborn, and people most likely don’t like it.She’s hard headed even if she’s wrong a couple times out of a hundred. Which is really good. She’s protectful of her loved one’s, and has a firey attitude if you piss her off. Which I’m also like, but in a different way. 

Well, you see… I’m wild, but do mean well. Im not a talker when it comes to deep deep thoughts. I’m adventurous, as is she..but in some ways very dfferent ways as well. Im a very blunt person when it comes to stupidity, as to where she is sweeter about it. 

Im rambling…

Bottom line is, this bitch is my favorite, she’s the hersey chocolate syrup to my 2% milk. 

No matter how far we are away from one another, or how pissy we can get.. There’s a undeniable connection that allows our diffences to be acceptable. We literally are two sepreate halves that create a whole. 

For fuck sakes.. We can’t go a hour without saying the same thing at the same time. We still laugh everytime, or I think she has somehow wired my brain.. 

Who knows, but i do know I’m thankful as all hell for her. I couldn’t ask for a better REALLY Real Best Friend. 

Thank you J. 


Unsure How To Be Sure

I am constantly wondering how someone can be so sure of something that they absolutely have no idea about how it may, or may not turn out. Guess we could almost assume that im trying to “what if” this/every situation. 

You see, I’m a pretty easy-going, fun, adventourous, stubborn, loving, honest person. 

To me…. That seems like a good thing, don’t get me wrong… I definitely have terrible days where i’m just a cranky asshole that woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and wont even wave at anyone kinda day… (Sorry in advance you get to see that side)

But really, I may younger but already have this much confusion on how humanity works, but how am I supposed to have heartfelt compassion, faith, and trust when it comes to family, friends, strangers, neighbors, the person sitting next to you in a public place, or even people you end up associating with because you have a mutual something or other?

It’s misleading because im not sure anyone ever really knows or fully gets to 100% learn another individual to the fullest.

Does it matter? Or do we think to hard about this nonsense too intensively to a point where none of us will ever fully open up completely to another person. 

Thats where relationships with anyone get confusing… Right?